The concern and longing for well-being is ever present in all cycles and ages. Without doubt the concerns and worries of the present are capitalism and its related issues. Intrinsic features include utilization of the same conditions and values in all public and private settings, whether at work or home, for work or leisure. Capitalism is an evil spirit invading every aspect of life and imposing itself on everything including eating habits.
In the terms of food and drink, capitalism recommends fast food, high in calorie and fat content and very filling. If food gets stuck in your mouth, do not worry, because there is a mixture of gas and glucose on your table. Drink it and all you have eaten will be digested swiftly, so you can go on with the daily grind.
The digestive system is the most materialistic organ of the stomach and the center of objection and protest to what is eaten. Examples of such physical disobedience is swelling, vomiting, stomachache and other persistent disorders of the stomach and intestines.
The shutdown body used to enjoy the pleasures of fast food and would tie itself to the world of good tastes and flavors. Having gradually lost its vigor and abilities, the body comes to rest in a hospital filled with white light.
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